SS02 | Us and Them | True Friends

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In this episode, Matt and Jeff break own the variables between knowing who your real friends are, and who isn’t. Also included are some critical components of letting someone into your group.

Intro/Social links 0:24

Reflections 2:27

Resist Rebel. Rebuild 5:50

Brotherless Men 15:22

True friends: 28:36

Stories of friendship Jeff : 30:16

Stories of friendship matt: 37:12

Forming friendships: 41:36

Maintaining friendships: 47:19

Real friends vs acquaintances: 1:00:00

Criteria for friends: 1:06:23

What do potential new friends offer your group? 1:12:15

Ending friendships 1:14:24

Tool of the week 1:25:40

Saboteur of the week 1:31:19

Word association: 1:34:43

Closing thoughts: 1:38:09


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