SS04 | What’s Worth Fighting For? | Preparing For A STREET FIGHT

In this episode, Matt and Jeff discuss when you either should or should not get involved in a violent confrontation. With so many people not willing to fight for anything anymore, the words in this episode are paramount to the current times.


Intro 0:22

Reflections 2:00

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild 9:08

Chamber of change 11:12

What is worth fighting for? 15:15

Disrespect of you or loved one 16:17

CCTV breakdown 17:28

Bullying 20:58

Personal safety / family safety 24:25

Those taking advantage of the truly vulnerable 27:31

Difficult neighbour 28:47

Career goals 34:06

Mentality 38:38

Gameness : 45:12

Instant gratification 51:46

Built from experiences 56:15

Fighting with stronger men 57:00

Character and heart 58:00

Suffering and sanctuary 1:00:48

Violence hypocrisy / fear 1:05:42

Personal experiences 1:08:14 Jeff

Personal experience 1:13:00 Matt

When seconds count 1:16:34

Malaysia Jeff story 1:18:14

Benefits of training for violence 1:27:40

When to dispose of words: 1:32:55

Why people are afraid to fight 1:37:12

Tool of the Week: 1:38:30

Word association 1:41:46

Closing thoughts 1:44:24

Support 1:49:50

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