SS06 | Tactical Living | Self Defense | Combatives | Violence

Living Tactically…what does it mean? How do we go about our everyday lives without forgetting to remain vigilant of our surroundings? The clothes we wear, our mindset, the choices we make, and the training available to us all play a part in self preservation.


Technical glitch disclaimer 0:00

Intro: 1:20

Reflections 1:33

Resist. Rebel. rebuild 2:14

“Not Today” 5:46

Tactical living meaning : 8:50

First hand examples 9:29

Fear and BS in other people’s stories of survival 18:55

Dojo Tactical 26:44

( Jeff and Matt discuss training with different sizes and shapes of opponent, scenario replication, the testing of techniques, throwing away useless crap, proper mindset and visualization, working on weaknesses, training with people superior to you ).

Jeff explains Senshido’s 5 principles of physical retaliation 45:28

Behavioural & non physical tactical methods 50:58

( Jeff and Matt discuss fear management and adrenaline, verbal de-escalation, importance of reading body language, tone of voice, using your brain first, neighbourhood knowledge, education your kids regarding safety, knowing escape routes, the clothing you wear, displaying wealth, parking lot safety and mental clarity ).

Every Day Carry 1:19:42

( Jeff and Matt talk about weapons carried on your person, legal rights/ responsibility )

Blending tactical methods into everyday life 1:31:59

( Jeff and Matt discuss complacency and how to avoid it, tactics for those who don’t train martial arts, how to find time, mindset, effective communication, public transportation story, home safety, knowing the law, managing multiple assailants, and stun and run ).

Tool of the week 2:00:10

Saboteur of the week 2:05:12

Word association 2:07:12

Closing thoughts 2:11:53

social media 2:14:41

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